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Stogies Cigar

Client Background Alethea and Kirbian Peters, Visionaries of Stogie Cigars Location: Southern Sector of Dallas-Ft. Worth area Business Concept: An exclusive, pop-up cigar lounge experience tailored for cigar enthusiasts and socialites at various events, emphasizing relaxation, networking, and sophisticated entertainment.

The Challenge Market Gap: The Peters recognized a need in the market for a distinctive pop-up experience that catered to the upscale tastes of cigar aficionados and socialites. They wanted to create a brand and digital presence that reflected the sophistication and exclusivity of their services. Need for a Cohesive Brand Identity: While their vision for Stogie Cigars was clear, they required a brand identity that could encapsulate the essence of their unique offering – one that communicated luxury, quality, and the exclusivity of their events. Digital Presence: Their challenge was to build a website and online identity that not only showcased their premium services but also attracted their target audience – discerning individuals who value premium tobacco products, gourmet food, and high-end entertainment.

The Solution Website Build: Developed a custom, visually appealing website that captured the elegance and uniqueness of the Stogie Cigars experience. The website was designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging, drawing visitors into the world of Stogie Cigars. Brand Identity Creation: Crafted a comprehensive brand identity that resonated with the high-end, sophisticated nature of their pop-up events. This included logo design, color scheme, and visual elements that reflected the luxury, relaxation, and exclusivity of their brand. Marketing Strategy: Implemented a targeted marketing strategy through the website, highlighting the unique aspects of their services such as the diverse entertainment lineup, the Putt-Putt area, and their commitment to innovation and quality. This strategy was aimed at building a community of loyal patrons and establishing Stogie Cigars as the premier destination for tobacco enthusiasts in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Results and Impact Increased Visibility: The new website and brand identity significantly increased Stogie Cigars' visibility in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, attracting a higher caliber of clientele. Enhanced Brand Perception: The cohesive brand identity elevated the perceived value of Stogie Cigars, aligning it with the founders' vision of sophistication and exclusivity. Community Growth: The website became a hub for engagement, with increased inquiries and bookings, and fostered a community of patrons who resonated with the brand's ethos.


Aisha Gaines Consulting

Client Background Meet Aisha Gaines: A seasoned business and finance professional known for her knowledge, passion, and transformative approach. Her services include accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, travel notary, and business consulting. Driven by Empowerment: With a background rooted in ethical wealth management and leadership development, Aisha is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses reach their full potential.

The Challenge Need for a Cohesive Brand and Digital Presence: Despite Aisha's extensive expertise and services, her digital presence and branding did not adequately reflect the breadth and depth of her knowledge and the personal, empowering approach she brings to her clients. Connecting with Entrepreneurs: Aisha needed a way to effectively reach and engage her target audience — entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking holistic financial and business guidance.

The Solution Comprehensive Brand Development: Developed a brand identity that captured Aisha's unique blend of professionalism and personal empowerment. This included a logo, color scheme, and visual elements that reflected her commitment to bridging gaps in financial literacy and business success. Strategic Website Design: Built an intuitive, informative website that clearly outlined her services, showcased her expertise, and provided resources for entrepreneurs. The site was designed to be engaging, easy to navigate, and reflective of Aisha's values and approach.

Results and Impact Enhanced Online Visibility: The new branding and website significantly increased Aisha's online presence, making her services more accessible to her target audience. Improved Client Engagement: The website became a platform for Aisha to connect with entrepreneurs, resulting in increased inquiries and client engagements. Empowering Digital Footprint: The cohesive brand and digital platform empowered Aisha to effectively communicate her passion for helping businesses thrive, establishing her as a trusted and insightful consultant in her field.


Triple Double Logistics

Client Background Company: Triple Double Logistics Founder: Vince Carey, Madison, Wisconsin Business Focus: Specializing in truck logistics, offering brokerage services with a focus on relationships, communication, and understanding the carrier perspective.

The Challenge Establishing a Strong Digital Presence: Despite Vince’s extensive experience and unique approach in the logistics industry, Triple Double Logistics lacked a strong digital presence that accurately reflected their commitment to personalized service and deep industry knowledge. Differentiating in a Competitive Market: In the crowded field of logistics services, they needed to stand out by showcasing their unique approach - treating clients like family and emphasizing open, honest communication.

The Solution Brand and Website Development: Developed a comprehensive brand identity and website that encapsulated the essence of Triple Double Logistics — focusing on the family-like approach, deep industry knowledge, and Vince's personal journey in the industry. Interactive and Informative Website Design: Created a user-friendly, informative website that highlighted their services, team expertise, and Vince’s personal story. The website was designed to be engaging and to establish a sense of trust and community with potential clients.

Results and Impact Increased Industry Visibility: The new branding and website elevated Triple Double Logistics’ presence in the logistics industry, making them more visible and accessible to potential clients. Enhanced Customer Connection: The website and brand narrative resonated with clients, leading to increased inquiries and a stronger sense of community among clients and the Triple Double Logistics team. Positioning as a Trusted Partner: The cohesive brand identity and digital presence helped position Triple Double Logistics as a trusted, family-oriented logistics partner, differentiating them in a competitive market.


Level Up Transport

Client Background Business Owner: Ms. La. La Company: Level Up Transportation, part of Blessings Family Transportation LLC Location: Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio Service Focus: Providing high-quality, discreet, and affordable transportation services for a variety of events including bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate events, weddings, airport shuttles, and more.

The Challenge Showcasing a Broad Range of Services: Despite offering a wide array of transportation services for diverse events, Level Up Transportation needed a way to effectively communicate the versatility and professionalism of their services to a broader audience. Establishing a Distinctive Brand Presence: In the competitive transportation industry, they needed to establish a brand identity that highlighted their commitment to discretion, quality, and customer satisfaction.

The Solution Comprehensive Brand Development: Developed a brand identity that showcased the professionalism and versatility of Level Up Transportation. This included creating a logo and visual elements that resonated with their target audience — those seeking discreet and high-quality transportation services. Dynamic Website Design: Built a user-friendly, comprehensive website that highlighted their diverse range of services. The site was designed to be informative, easy to navigate, and reflective of the superior service quality they offer.

Results and Impact Enhanced Online Visibility: The new branding and website significantly increased Level Up Transportation's online presence, attracting a wider range of clients. Improved Service Perception: The professional website and cohesive brand image enhanced the perception of Level Up Transportation as a top-tier provider of discreet and high-quality transportation services. Increased Customer Engagement: The website became a key platform for customer interaction, leading to increased inquiries and bookings for various events.


N8 Experience

Client Background Name: Y'Keitha Atkins Brand: The N8 Experience Focus: Business Consulting, Networking, and Community Building Services Offered: Business consulting for startups, The N8 University (members-only learning center), and The N8 Travel Club

The Challenge Showcasing a Multifaceted Brand: Y'Keitha’s brand, The N8 Experience, encompasses a wide range of services and business ventures. The challenge was to create a digital presence that effectively showcased the diversity and interconnectedness of these services. Communicating Value and Building a Community: Given the complexity of her business model, Y'Keitha needed a way to communicate the unique value of each service and how they collectively contribute to the growth and success of her clients.

The Solution Brand Identity and Website Development: Developed a cohesive brand identity and website for The N8 Experience that clearly delineated each aspect of her business — consulting, The N8 University, and The N8 Travel Club. The brand and website were designed to reflect Y'Keitha’s dynamic approach to business and networking. Interactive and Informative Platform: The website was crafted to be not only informative but also engaging, encouraging visitors to explore the various facets of The N8 Experience and understand the benefits of each service.

Results and Impact Enhanced Digital Footprint: The new branding and website amplified The N8 Experience’s online presence, making it more accessible and appealing to a broader audience. Effective Communication of Services: The website effectively communicated the value and interconnectedness of Y'Keitha’s services, making it easier for potential clients to understand and engage with her offerings. Community Growth and Engagement: The website fostered a sense of community among visitors, leading to increased sign-ups for The N8 University and participation in The N8 Travel Club events.


Vibrant Hues Collective

Client Background Company: Vibrant Hues Collective Specialization: Stock photo company focusing on AI-generated images of Black and Brown people Mission: To offer authentic, affordable, and diverse imagery to creators, small business owners, and visionaries

The Challenge Limited Representation in Stock Photos: The market lacked authentic and affordable images representing the diversity of Black and Brown communities, posing a challenge for creators seeking inclusive visuals. Need for Accessible Diversity: There was a gap in the availability of diverse stock photos that were realistic and easily accessible for various creative projects.

The Solution AI-Generated Image Library: Developed a comprehensive library of AI-generated stock photos, catering to a wide spectrum of human beauty and offering diverse, realistic imagery. User-Friendly Digital Platform: Created an intuitive, easily navigable website that allows users to explore and access a wide range of diverse stock photos, meeting the needs of various creative projects.

Results and Impact Enhanced Accessibility of Diverse Imagery: The Vibrant Hues Collective successfully filled a critical gap in the market by providing a rich and varied collection of stock photos that represent Black and Brown communities. Empowerment of Creators: The website and image library empowered creators, small business owners, and visionaries to incorporate inclusive visuals into their projects, fostering a more representative digital landscape. Positive Reception and Growth: The initiative received positive feedback from the creative community, leading to increased usage of the platform and expanding the reach of inclusive imagery in digital projects.


Map Productions

Client Background Company: MAP Productions Origin: Founded with a passion for capturing and preserving memories, named in honor of Mary Alice Parchman for her dedication to family memories. Focus: Providing quality, personalized event photography services.

The Challenge Establishing a Market Presence: As a company born from a humble beginning with a single camera, MAP Productions faced the challenge of growing its presence in the competitive event photography market. Conveying Brand Story and Values: MAP needed to effectively communicate its unique brand story and dedication to preserving family memories, which is central to their mission and differentiates them from other photography services.

The Solution Brand Storytelling and Identity Development: Developed a comprehensive brand identity that encapsulated MAP Productions’ commitment to family memories and personalization. This included a logo and visual elements that reflected the company’s origin and values. Website and Digital Presence: Created a website that showcased their portfolio, highlighted their origin story, and emphasized their focus on quality and personalized service. The site was also designed to facilitate easy communication and bookings.

Results and Impact Enhanced Brand Recognition: The storytelling approach and new branding elements helped MAP Productions to stand out in the event photography market, resonating with clients who value family memories and personal touches. Increased Client Engagement: The website became a pivotal platform for showcasing their work and engaging with potential clients, leading to an increase in bookings and client inquiries. Strengthened Company Identity: The emphasis on their origin story and dedication to family memories strengthened their identity, aligning their digital presence with their core values and mission.

White Modern Beauty Logo (2000 x 3000 px).png

Srq Financials

Client Background Company: SRQ Financial Solutions Specialization: Comprehensive financial services including tax preparation, bookkeeping, and strategic financial planning Mission: To empower businesses and individuals by simplifying financial complexities and providing expert guidance

The Challenge Navigating a Complex Financial Landscape: SRQ Financial Solutions faced the challenge of effectively communicating their ability to simplify complex financial processes for their clients, a key differentiator in the competitive financial services market. Building Trust with Clients: Given the sensitive nature of financial data, they needed to establish a strong sense of trust and security with potential clients, assuring them of the confidentiality and expertise in handling their financial affairs.

The Solution Brand Communication and Website Development: Developed clear, concise branding and website content that communicated SRQ Financial Solutions’ commitment to simplifying financial challenges and personalizing solutions for each client. The website was designed to be informative, reassuring, and reflective of their expert services. Emphasis on Privacy and Expertise: Highlighted the team’s certifications, expertise, and commitment to privacy on the website, reinforcing the trustworthiness and reliability of their services.

Results and Impact Enhanced Client Confidence: The professional presentation and clear communication of services on the website enhanced clients' confidence in SRQ Financial Solutions, making it easier for them to entrust the company with their financial needs. Increased Client Engagement and Trust: The emphasis on expertise, personalized solutions, and privacy measures led to an increase in client inquiries and a higher level of trust among new and existing clients. Positioning as a Trusted Financial Advisor: The cohesive brand identity and digital presence helped position SRQ Financial Solutions as a trusted advisor in the financial services sector, differentiating them in a market filled with complexities.


After just one conversation with her, I knew she was the real deal. Her energy, enthusiasm, and down-to-earth approach immediately put me at ease. And when I saw the finished product - wow! I couldn't believe how she had taken my jumbled ideas and turned them into a beautiful, cohesive website that perfectly captured my brand. I'm so grateful to have found Chantee, and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a web designer who's not afraid to get real.
-Real Estate Coach



What is the Total Website Revamp Service? The Total Website Revamp Service is a comprehensive website transformation package that includes strategic planning, design and development, content creation, and post-launch improvements. We leverage our unique S.O.A.T.S framework to offer you a holistic website overhaul.

What platforms do you use for website development? We primarily use WIX for website development. It offers a user-friendly interface, robust functionality, and flexibility, making it a preferred choice for various website projects.

How many pages does your website design include? Our standard website design package includes up to eight pages. However, we can always add more pages based on your specific requirements, which may adjust the final cost.

How do you handle the photoshoot for the website? We offer both remote and on-site creative direction. For remote sessions, we provide guidance to help you capture images that align with your brand and the design of your website. If you prefer, we can arrange for on-site creative direction.

What if I can't organize a photoshoot for the images? No worries. If organizing a photoshoot isn't feasible, we can utilize high-quality, on-brand stock images that would still align perfectly with your brand's look and feel.

What does the Content Creation part of the service entail? Content creation includes crafting engaging, SEO-friendly copy for your website, which resonates with your brand voice and effectively communicates your message to your audience.

What is the 'Your Own Roadmap' included in the service? 'Your Own Roadmap' is a comprehensive plan we provide at the end of our service. It outlines the journey of your website transformation, including its current performance, goals for the future, and plans for ongoing improvements.

What is the pricing structure for the Total Revamp Service? Our Total Revamp Service is priced at $2,500. Understanding budget constraints, we offer flexible payment plans to make it more affordable for you.

What is the timeline for the Total Revamp Service? The entire process typically takes between 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of your website and your specific requirements.

Post-launch of your website, our commitment to you remains steadfast. We persist in maintaining regular communication, providing continual support, and staying actively engaged in your digital journey.





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