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Project Recovery Service

You've been blessed with a new business idea, and the thrill of bringing it to life is palpable. You've invested time and resources in legal protections, devised a captivating logo, and now, you're ready to breathe life into it online. You've explored a few web designers, but the steep price tags give your budding venture pause, leading you to the halls of Youtube University to master website creation.


You've set up your account on Wix, GoDaddy, or Shopify, and selected the perfect template. However, when you finally sit down to craft your website, things start to unravel. Elements shift erratically on the page, entire paragraphs vanish, your meticulously chosen banners from Etsy can't fit, and just like that, it's time for dinner.


Imagine this:

Alternatively, you might have opted for a more budget-friendly designer to bring your website to life, only to find yourself mired in disappointment. Progress crawls, your legitimate requests are disregarded, and lackluster communication leaves you feeling sidelined and uninformed. You sense your input is overlooked, and your frustration mounts.

In either scenario, rest assured, I've got you covered. These are the exact circumstances that spurred the creation of my Project Recovery Service.


When you feel that your website project is not going as planned, I'll step in. I conduct a meticulous audit of your current site, identify the challenges you're facing, and offer a comprehensive, actionable roadmap to realign your project with your original vision.






Initial Consultation: I'll start by having a detailed discussion with you about your original goals, the current challenges you're facing, and your expectations for the future.

Thorough Website Audit: I dive deep into your current website project, viewing everything from design and content to SEO and user experience. I uncover all the problem areas and opportunities for improvement.

Identifying Challenges: After the audit, I identify the critical issues that have thrown your project off course, whether it's a design inconsistency, a content gap, or a user interface problem.

Actionable Roadmap Creation: Armed with a deep understanding of the issues plaguing your website, I create a detailed, step-by-step action plan. This roadmap will help get your website project back on track and aligned with your original vision.




Expert Guidance:

I bring years of experience and deep expertise in web design and development to the table. I can help your project overcome the roadblocks it's currently facing.

Resource Optimization:

Time and budget are critical. With my recovery service, you save both. I quickly identify the issues and propose solutions, preventing further inefficiencies and unnecessary expenditure.

Regain Confidence:

It can be disheartening when a project doesn't go as planned. I aim to restore the confidence and excitement you had about your online presence by getting your project back on track.

This includes: a 40-minute screen-sharing session (with recording), a deep dive audit, peace of mind, a clear roadmap for progress, and restored confidence in your project.



It's Time to Regain Control Over Your Project

Don't let a few obstacles derail your vision for an exceptional website. Connect with me today, and together, let's get your project back on track.


After just one conversation with her, I knew she was the real deal. Her energy, enthusiasm, and down-to-earth approach immediately put me at ease. And when I saw the finished product - wow! I couldn't believe how she had taken my jumbled ideas and turned them into a beautiful, cohesive website that perfectly captured my brand. I'm so grateful to have found Chantee, and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a web designer who's not afraid to get real.
-Real Estate Coach



Q: What exactly is the Project Recovery Service? A: The Project Recovery Service is a rescue plan for your website project that's veered off course. I conduct a deep dive audit into your current site, identify challenges, and develop a comprehensive, actionable roadmap to realign your project with your vision.

Q: Who is this service for? A: This service is for anyone who has begun to create their website (either on their own or with a designer) and is now feeling lost, or if the project isn't progressing as planned.

Q: What's included in the 40-minute consultation? A: During the 40-minute consultation, we'll discuss your original goals, the current challenges, and your future expectations. I'll also use this time to walk you through your website and begin identifying areas for improvement.

Q: How is the website audit conducted? A: The website audit involves a deep dive into your existing website project, analyzing every detail from design and content to SEO and user experience. This helps to uncover all problem areas and opportunities for improvement.

Q: What kind of challenges can you help with? A: I can help with a wide range of challenges, including design inconsistencies, content gaps, user interface problems, SEO issues, and more.

Q: What is the "roadmap" you provide? A: The roadmap is a detailed, step-by-step action plan based on my audit of your website. It will guide you on how to get your website project back on track, aligning it with your original vision.

Q: How will this service help save my resources? A: My service quickly identifies issues and proposes solutions, preventing further inefficiencies and unnecessary expenditure. This way, you save both time and money.

Q: Can you guarantee that my project will be back on track? A: While every project has unique challenges, my goal is always to provide a clear path forward. With the implementation of the roadmap I provide, your project should get back on track.

Q: How much does the Project Recovery Service cost? A: The Project Recovery Service costs $105. This includes a 40-minute screen share consultation (with recording), a thorough website audit, a roadmap for progress, and restored confidence in your project.

Q: How can I book your Project Recovery Service? A: You can book my Project Recovery Service by scheduling a consultation through the "I'm ready" button on my website.


Tel: 608-576-3926


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